image Brandi Belle.. this girl is fine
Brandi Belle Chewing on her friends chuff.

This is the latest Brandi Belle straight from Miami.
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So i get this rather billigerent phone call the other day from my friend destiny which i have to tell you is the weirdest thing cause she never gets mad...turns out she was upset because i hadnt put this shoot up yet seeing as we shot it over a year ago, i did however have a good excuse..i couldnt find it!!! and believe me i tried if anything i just wanted to see it cause i remember how hot the shoot was and well sometimes when a girl is alone... you know...turns out my dooshbag cameraman had it the whole time he says it was an accident but i think he wanted to keep it for his own private collection.. i swear im gunna fire this kid any day now! But im too nice for that. So anyway i finally got the shoot so Im happy Destiny is happy and more importantly this shoot is gunna make you guys happy...reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaal happy. Hot lezbo action boys!!! get it while its hot!!!!


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